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This system does not need any type of maintenance both outside and inside.


Thanks to its design we can use any type of glass, with measures from 4 mm. up to 30 mm. and without any further modification.


Here we have a supporting structure or profile in extruded aluminium with treated surface that supports the weather more than any other. Let us not forget the anchor special thermal insulation with wood/aluminium profile. (Registered only anchor).


Got a profile in solid wood natural first quality of pleasant living and working artistically. In this way we leave the way open to a subsequent varnishing suitable for decoration.


It can be placed double or triple glazing, with thicknesses up to 60 mm. with one or two cameras that increase the value of the acoustic insulation.

If we add to this the known union of aluminum and wood itself, it gives us a perfect system at a decorative level and at a practical level for thermal and acoustic insulation.

You always have to take into account, that the acoustic isolation, will vary depending on the quality of the glass placed.

However, this isn’t applicable to the own window that used wooden washers and the perimeter together (3) that form its membership, make that they or wind, noise or water from entering.

And is that we have such meetings, each one exclusive precisely for each element, i.e. waterproof, soundproofing and other resistant to wind.

As a whole, we see, speaks for itself only.


Windows of wood

Mixed windows

Mixed doors

120 passive
corredera elebadora y puerta mixta
Welcome to the UNE Standards.

85.214.80 (En 42). permeabilidad al aire.

85.206.81 (En 86). estanqueidad al agua.

85.204.79 (En 77). resistencia al viento.

Commercial Design

Beauty and firmness

Our carpentry enclosures are designed and tested in laboratory. With the endorsement after tests conducted in the laboratory of the Chair of technology of timber, testing laboratory and quality control, ETSIM.

Great versatility

-Host to the UNE.85.214.80 rules (42 in). permeability to air. -Host to the UNE.85.206.81 standards (86 in). imperviousness to water. -Host to the UNE.85.204.79 standards (at 77). resistance to the wind.

Crowd of styles

Test: A3 air permeability. Reinforced. · Imperviousness to water E4. Exceptional. · The V4 wind resistance. Exceptional.

Noble woods with range of colors

With our insulation system, the energy consumption is considerably reduced. The anchoring system is quick and efficient, for easy assembly on site, after pre-frame installation.

Insulation, solidity without maintenance.

We have an extensive range of natural woods, in addition to a wide range of finishes, both in aluminum and wood. We use extruded aluminum (anodized or lacquered) especially for our windows

Harmony and comfort

In short, a top quality finish. Interior coupling system formed with vertical and horizontal closure and with the possibility of tilt-and-turn opening for ventilation.