Mixed doors MATUD®

All existing carpentry models

We manufacture almost all models of carpentry existing in the market.

Versatility to all kinds of ideas.

The interior finishes can be in various qualities of wood.Possibility to produce colours of the RAL card for external finishes of aluminum.

Thermal insulation with double or triple glass

In this way the thermal insulation with double glass of 6 + 12 + 4 gives us a K = 1, 9 W/m2 ° C. And with sound insulation 4 + 10 + 6 glass is of > 34 DB.

Adapting to your needs.

Can lead osciloparalelas fittings, mounted hidden, double action, tilting and pivot.

Wide variety of structures

Can be combined in multiple ways with a variety of structures and functions.

A door open to detail

There is always as an open door to the detail and the personal option.
Mixed door Matud

Mixed door Matud

80 mm blade 1 rubber gaskets, 80 mm standard frame

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Mixed lifting slide

Mixed lifting slide

80 mm blade 3 rubber gaskets, Standard frame 190 mm

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