Carmave company, S. l., was created in 1990. Since the beginning the key has been the evolution of the environment, which has led us to get products that we currently produce.

This evolution translates today, in a unique specialization to offer external enclosures.

About enclosures (Windows, viewpoints, etc…) that by its composition and its internal control of manufacturing, (implementation of the ISO 9001 quality system) are fully guaranteed.

“The key has been in the evolution of the manufacture of wooden windows””

The basis of CARMAVE supports two pillars, the choice of materials for this woodwork and a specialized staff, which made up the staff of the company.

Wood and aluminum are the great product of mixed carpentry than anything It has to do with other types of carpentry.

The reason is due mainly to the system of aluminum with wood anchor. This istema, form a homogeneous whole without no fissure.

On the other hand, thanks to this system, it is absorbed without damage, any “movement” that aluminium or wood could be the dilatations.